Monday, December 21, 2009

New Characters

These are characters that I designed a few years ago but I really enjoy these critters.  My friend
Michael was kind enough to do the photography for me.  He has a great space with amazing natural light.  

As for China things are on hold right now.  The 2 designs that I sent to my broker are finished but I am still unhappy with the color choice for the bat character.  The color is to dark and does not match the fabric sample that I sent her.  I told her that I understand that the factory will not be able to possibly find the exact match but they need to get close.  The samples that were provided to me were either to dark or to light.  In the end I went with a darker color.  The other design came out just fine as far as I can see.  It might look different once I see it in person but from all the j-pegs and I mean many j-pegs images the design looks just like my original.  They even matched up the color.  

Well I hope you enjoy these images.


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