Tuesday, October 13, 2009

China Prototype

Here is a photo taken by my broker of  what the factory had made.  The color is darker than I want.  I am still working with them on it.  I had to have the factory remake the character at least 5 times.  You should have seen some of the samples they sent me---- by e-mail.  They looked like either someone was blind or they decided themselves on how they wanted to make it.  So as I always tell her     Please, Please,  Please have the factory follow the template that I have sent you.  I send the factory a template for every piece that needs to be made, plus the original.  So far this has been the hardest part of working with someone overseas.  I wish I could fly their but that is not going to happen.  Most of our conversations happen by e-mail and I must say that they have been very rough at times.   There is a language problem.  Something which would take a second to tell someone takes forever with my broker.  I must and I mean must have patience.  Lately I have been doing skype video conference calls with the broker because for whatever the reason something is getting lost in translation and I still have to have Sam with me when I talk to her.  I thought that I was making myself clear but I guess that I was not.  I have to talk really slow and sometimes I just do not know if she just understood what I just said to her.

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