Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Finally here are the pictures of the release of Rocky

- These are pictures of a turtle that Sam and I named Rocky.  I found Rocky when I went fishing with my brother some where out in the sticks.  As I was fishing I looked down and saw that a turtle had a fishing hook lodged in the bottom of his jaw.  It looked like he was there for a few days.  So I took a ice box and filled it with water and put him in it.  I placed him in the shade and called sam and told her to call the vet and set up an appointment to remove the hook from his mouth before he died.  She was able to find a hospital that would take care of him.  The hospital did not charge us for anything since it was a rescue.  HOW AMAZING OF THEM!!!!!!  The doctor had to give Rocky 2 shots in his leg.  We had to bring him home for a couple of days until the drugs healed him up.  I put him in my bathroom.  I put some big rocks and made him a platform for him to come out of the water.  We picked up worms but he refused to eat them.  I also bought 4 small goldfish for him to eat-------which he also did not eat.  Well the day finally came and we took Rocky and the goldfish and released him at a wildlife refuge---- where he would be protected.  Here are some of the pictures.  Oh by the way take a look at the picture of me and our dog Dakota---- Sam thinks Dakota looks like me.

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